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Relatively new to woodturning, this father and son are making a huge impact.

Bill Evans started woodturning, after an illustrious career as a horse trainer, when he was gifted a mini-lathe and a few tools for Christmas in 2000.  Bill was hooked on woodturning immediately.  His current obsession is segmented work.

Darren Evans began his woodturning career in August of 2001 while visiting his father, Bill.  After turning 3 pens and 2 bowls, Darren was more determined to own a lathe for each mile of the 250 mile trip back home.

Today, both Bill and Darren have expanded not only their respective studios, but also their skills and portfolios.

Enjoy your experience by visiting our galleries here in the transformation of a bump on a log into something precious in the heritage of the ancient art of woodturning.



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Updated: June 1, 2007